Tropical Fish Food – Feeding your Aquarium Fish

Tropical Fish Food - Feeding your Aquarium Fish
Don’t know what to feed your aquarium fish? Here is some help for you. Have a look…
Fish that come from warm climates are called tropical fish. The term tropical is usually used to describe the fish that require fresh water only. There are a few kinds that can be kept in aquariums. They are:

  • The specimen that has been caught in the wild.
  • The ones that belong to a single species and have been born in captivity.
  • Hybrids that belong to more than one species.

Live Food
Microorganisms, plants, and animals are what constitute live food. Live food needs to be introduced into the aquarium after ensuring that they have all the nutrients that your fish will need to remain healthy and grow properly. Insects and larvae are also available in many pet stores.

Processed Food
There are many categories of processed food. Fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, and canned are some of them. You will find vegetables and meats with minimal processing. Some fish that inhabit the aquarium will relish the bits of poultry, beef, and game meats, while you find the others enjoying bits of fresh vegetable matter.

Frozen food comes next. This category of processed food is available in most pet stores, and includes a wide variety. When selecting frozen food, make sure that you select a varied and staple diet. Insect larvae, crustaceans, worms, and meats are some of the kinds of frozen food available in the market.

Canned food make up a fish’s staple diet. These foods have been created in such a way that they provide a balanced and complete diet for your fish. The varieties available in canned food are:

  • Flakes – This is the most common type of processed food and is available in a wide variety. Some of the flakes are designed to counter nutritional imbalances, while others are engineered to provide the nutritional requirements of specific varieties of fish, and enhance growth or color.
  • Pellets – Pelleted food is available in a variety of colors and helps fish feed in a natural way.
  • Granules – These are hard, small or tiny pellets of food, that are usually engineered for the general nutritional needs of a small community of fish.
  • Tablets – Flat and large pellets are called tablets. Most of the tablets available in the market sink, which enables scavengers and bottom feeders to acquire food too.

Feeding Tips

  • Feed your aquarium fish only a few times a day.
  • When feeding them, provide only that much food which they can consume in a minute or two.
  • Insert a net and scoop out the food that they have not consumed.
  • Experiment with different fish food available in the market.

Look after your little creatures in a nice way. They are dependent on you for their survival, so ensure that you pay utmost attention to them.

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