Really Strange Cat Behavior Patterns You May Not Have Seen Before

It has been a unanimously accepted undeniable fact that nobody can select a cat as a pet – it’s the cat that chooses his/her proprietor. However regardless of their no-nonsense aura, cats can, certainly, behave in humorous methods in the event that they so want. Under, I checklist a few of their extra humorous and unusual conduct.

Strange Cat Behavior Patterns

Meowing All Evening for No Obvious Purpose
Cat meowing
Cats have an uncommon knack for annoying people with out even making an attempt. Meowing all night time may be categorized as consideration looking for conduct. He/She is barely making an attempt to get a nocturnal companion for midnight adventures; it’s certainly not his/her fault that you just maintain falling for it. It’s for us to recollect, that cats may be very vocal if preserving us awake all night time is excessive on their agenda.
Loud Play During the Night
Cat playing
I feel it’s a ‘cat factor’, one thing the cats do only for us to know that there’s nothing we will make them so – they shall solely do what they need. Typically I simply sit awake on my mattress and curse myself for getting them – the toys, not the cats, duh!
Night-time Escapades
Although I maintain an in depth eye on my kitty, I get caught utterly off-guard once I get up someday throughout the night time to seek out her gone. Whoosh! She has disappeared into skinny air, with no hint. How she goes off stealthily, the place she goes and what she does, I’ll by no means discover out, however I’m positive she is going to all the time be again the subsequent day, to her feeding bowl, together with her smug demeanor intact. Cats are crepuscular (so I have been informed by the vet) which principally interprets into ‘allow them to do what they like between nightfall and daybreak’.
Pushing Things off the Table
Cat playing with eggs
Cats, do generally tend to push issues off the desk. They both just like the loud banging sounds or they only need the homeowners to note them. Both method, they have a tendency to attain each.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Scratching cat
Some cats present obsessive tendencies in the direction of some hilarious pastimes. Tail chewing (Animal Planet’s well-known ‘spherical and spherical cat’ snicker), extreme licking, woolgathering (oops, I meant wool pulling!) and fur scratching are simply a few of them. I’ve all the time puzzled what fascinates them in a ball of wool, or a Persian carpet, however got here up clean.
Inexplicable Behavioral Patterns
Cat sharpening claws
Scratching costly furnishings, rolling over on the again, rubbing faces in opposition to issues and scratching reflective surfaces are some actually bizarre incomprehensible cat conduct. My cat simply tops it with stealing, unrolling and usually making a moist mess out of bathroom paper, tearing up worthwhile possessions (like my leather-based purse and my husband’s favourite pockets) and sharpening her claws on my couch.
Acting as if They Heard Something
My cat likes to really feel necessary by telling me she heard one thing. She acts all real, pulls up her ears, acts alert and all that, whereas I’m wondering if I’m really going deaf. My vet tells me to not fear although as a result of she will be able to hear the ultrasonic sounds that I can’t. He left me with strict directions to see a psychiatrist for the time once I begin listening to the issues that she does not.
Licking and Eating
Cat licking
They are saying a cat licks herself earlier than a storm. As weird as that sounds, it’s really true. Leonore Fleischer has defined the explanation for this in her e book ‘The Cat’s Pajamas’. She says that storm generates static electrical energy within the environment, making filth particles to stay to the cat’s dry fur. It makes excellent sense for the cat to scrub up after that, does not it?

Consuming Grass and Crops

Cat eating grass
Typically, you might even see your cat consuming grass or vegetation in your backyard, though that is not her common meals. Unusual, proper? However don’t be concerned, grass or vegetation act as laxatives for constipated cats and generally they eat it with the intention to vomit hair or undigested meals. My cat additionally eats grass, when she will be able to’t digest meals simply. In case you discover such a conduct in your cat, do not ignore it and instantly take her to the vet to rule out different digestion-related points.

There may be a lot extra to put in writing, I feel I might find yourself with a thesis. I feel I ought to depart the hissing, growling, biting, nibbling ears and pouncing on invisible objects for my subsequent article. I simply depart you with one thought, that each cat proprietor experiences however don’t come clean with. My cat simply lazes round on the sofa and surveys every little thing I do with semi-bored eyes, whereas I attempt to make myself someway invisible, so I would not need to bow all the way down to the excessive and mighty. Does your cat really do the identical?