Parakeet Names

Parakeets are the most popular pet birds and there are many names you can choose from for your pet. This article lists some names and some more information about these birds.
Parakeets are very popularly adopted as pets and come in different sizes and colors. These colorful birds are native to Australia and were extensively found in the central grassland regions of this country. Initially, in their natural habitats, they were grassy-green in color with black bands on their backs and wings. This enabled them to camouflage in the trees. They greatly resemble parrots, and have a very friendly disposition and do not shy away from humans. This makes them excellent pets.

Parakeet Pet Names

Naming your pet parakeet can be an enjoyable process if you can get a list from which you can pick some names. Here is a list of names for your perusal.

Name Meaning Gender
Adira Strong Female
Myron Sweet oil Male
Karolina Tiny and feminine Female
Kaiyah Full of grace Female
Rolando Renowned Male
Brook Water Female
Kalynn Female Pure
Ares God of war Male
Chiquita Little Girl Female
Alissa Pretty Female
Chace A Hunter Male
Callista Beautiful Female
Jamian Right hand of favor Male
Ivy Friendship Female
Aurick Noble leader Male
Alexandrea Defender of mankind Female
Garnet A Precious Gem Male
Xarles Manly Male
Darcie Dark Male
Murry Lord of the sea Male
Bonnie Sweet Female
Leopold A brave man Male
Manuel God be with us Male
Brady Spitited Male
Allegra Full of Life Female
Amberley Sky Female
Murdoc Seaman Male
Bari Of Allah Male
Oscar Jumping fighter Male
Ane Prayer Female
Mahala Tender Male
Sheliah Music Female
Drake Dragon Male
Ammet Power of an Eagle Male
Winchell Drawer of water Male
Orlena Gold Female
Barnett Leader Male
Flo Arrow Female
Farmon Traveler Male
Kelsi Brave Female
Arleen An Oath Female
Jon Gift from God Female
Edwinna Rich in friendship Female
Annis Unity Female

Parakeets love humans and are not afraid of them. They are very friendly, can be messy at times, and make a lot of noise to get attention. They love warm weather and, just like parrots, they can be taught to talk but to a limited extent. They are very intelligent and affectionate and can be easily bored if you do not teach them tricks and provide new toys. Parakeet care involves a change of fresh water every day and good food like bird seeds and bread crumbs.

These are very playful birds, so make sure that you have time to spend with your pet. If bored, they can get very destructive and will make a loud noise. So ensure that you spare some play time. They should be allowed out of their birdcage to fly around for at least a couple of hours each day. This will allow them to get their much-needed exercise and also use their wings. When your bird is out, make sure that all windows are closed and ceiling fans are switched off, otherwise it might hurt itself. Another thing that you should be mindful about is to draw the curtains shut or your bird might dash against the window. Their life span is around 15 to 20 years. Their behavior is very friendly and inquisitive and they do not require too much care.

When you bring a parakeet as a pet to your home, you are sure to bring home a great entertainer. As pets, they are quite easy to maintain and will bring joy to your home.

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