List of Extinct Bird Species

List of Extinct Bird Species
Whereas we have been busy taking lengthy strides within the identify of growth, we failed to note the extent of harm we have been inflicting to the surroundings and fellow inhabitants of the planet. That is what this checklist of extinct birds appears to trace at.

The speed at which animals have gotten extinct has elevated during the last couple of centuries. It has been famous that within the final 300 odd years, about 42 species and 44 subspecies of birds have turn into extinct. Human actions have led to the extinction of a few of these species at an unnatural tempo. It’s tough to pinpoint why these birds have gotten extinct, although the consultants recommend that the phenomenon is end result of many elements, together with local weather change, habitat disruption, and searching.

Extinct Birds of the World

The primary identify that involves thoughts after we speak about this matter, is the dodo. It was a big, flightless hen, which was present in abundance in Madagascar, earlier than over-hunting and disruption of habitat wiped it off. The islands off the coast of Madagascar additionally had some distinctive birds to its credit score. Of the 28 species that have been recognized to exist on these islands, solely four or 5 stay at present. As we develop and advance, we have to maintain our planet and all of the lifeforms that inhabit it, however to this point, we’re failing on this regard. The dodo is a symbolic illustration of this overwhelming failure, and it makes nature fanatics around the globe cringe in discomfort and displeasure.

Another extinct species of birds are:

  • Carolina Parakeet
  • Solitaire
  • Nice Auk
  • Labrador Duck
  • Passenger Pigeon
  • Heath Hen
  • Black Mamo
  • Kipi
  • Nice-toothed Diver
  • Phororhacos
  • Large Moa
  • Dinornis Maximus

Extinct Hawaiian Species

About 6 species and four subspecies of birds native to Hawaii have turn into extinct within the final 100 – 200 years or so. The speedy commercialization and tourism in these islands made the complete pure habitat alter fully. Sadly, some species of birds have been unable to take care of this alteration. These embrace …

  • Laysan Rail
  • Lanai Thrush
  • Moloka’i Thrush
  • Laysan Millerbird
  • Bishop’s O’o
  • Hawai’i O’o
  • Kaua’i ‘Akialoa
  • Kakawahie
  • Lanai Creeper

Hawaii is the truth is, one of the crucial critically hit areas so far as extinction is worried. It’s mentioned that about 30% of birds that grew to become extinct within the final 100 years have been discovered primarily in Hawaii. The speed at which the destruction of pure habitat is going on, is devastatingly intense right here.

An estimated 10,000 species of birds are discovered on the planet at present, of which about 1,500 are threatened by extinction. We’re duty-bound to guard endangered species of birds and animals. It is our fault that they’re going through this dilemma within the first place, and consequently, it’s primarily our duty to make sure that we do not lose any extra species. The extinction of those birds is a blemish on our monitor file as keepers of the planet and it is excessive time we work on eliminating it.

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