Kinds of Birds

Kinds of Birds
There are numerous kinds of birds that inhabit our urban and forested spaces. Learn more about some prominent bird species in this Buzzle post.
My favorite weather is the bird-chirping weather. – Loire Hartwould

For most bird lovers, the sight of birds flying in a clear skyline is simply a treat for the eyes. Watching birds twist, glide, turn, soar, dive, etc. in the sky is simply fascinating and causes us to want to fly like them in the sky.

There are over 10,000 bird species on this planet, and this number is still rising with the discovery of newer species. These species are generally categorized in to 25 to 30 kinds. More than 80% of these come amongst a few well-known types. Here is a compilation of these 12 common bird categories which include the ones that are commonly observed, as well as the more rarely encountered species. Although, you may find many other ways to categorize birds, but here we have typecast them according to their appearance and behavior.

List of Kinds of Birds

Birds Example
Long-legged Waders Herons, egrets, storks, spoonbills, flamingos, bitterns, limpkins, ibises, cranes
Duck Surface-feeding ducks, diving ducks, stiff-tailed ducks, mergansers, coots, whistling-ducks, geese, swans, pelicans, grebes, loons
Perching Sparrows, kingfishers, cuckoos, bulbuls, crows, flycatchers, parrots, mockingbirds, blackbirds, ravens, starlings, jays, magpies, shrikes, buntings
Fowl Chicken, turkey, rails, gallinules, jacanas
Hawk Kites, eagles, ospreys, harriers, caracaras, falcons, vultures
Owls True owls, barn owls
Upland Ground Woodcocks, quails, peacocks, partridges, pheasants, grouse, turkeys, roadrunners, chachalacas, nightjars
Tree-clinging Woodpeckers, nuthatches, creepers
Upright-perching Water Birds Auks, murres, puffins, cormorants, anhingas
Gull Fulmars, shearwaters, albatrosses, terns, skimmers, gannets, boobies, storm-petrels, frigatebirds, skuas, jaegers, tropicbirds
Pigeon Partridge, dove

Apart from the list given here, there are many more kinds of birds, but as said before, these 12 types categorize most of the birds on this planet, while the ones in the remaining categories are very rare and very insignificant in numbers.