Hamster Names and Meanings

Hamster Names and Meanings
Naming your pet hamster is the next step to be looked forward to, after you bring this cuddly and cute creature home. Here are some fun hamster names and their meanings for you to choose from.
Favorite place, person, animal, cartoon characters, comics, etc., can serve as different sources for naming you pet hamster. Giving your favorite name to your hamster is like tying more threads to the bond you are going to share with your loving pet. If you happen to see any particular trait in your pet, that might help in choosing a suitable name. The gender also is a deciding factor in naming your hamster; an obvious fact! You won’t like your lovely girl hamster to be known as ‘Crush’ and nor will your hamster! Female hamster names should be sober and pet names for the males should be a bit loud or so to say ‘manly’. Coming to the ‘meaning’ part, I shall say that it is also an important part of the name which you have decided on. Keeping a good name and knowing its meaning adds to the charm and personality of your cute little hamster pet.

Names and their Meanings

For Female Hamsters

Names Meanings
Fiona Fair, white, beautiful
Lucy Light
Sylvie Forest
Athracht Name of a saint
Jeanee Variant of Jean
Melosa Gentle; sweet
Elva Elf
Garnet The stone of love and devotion
Bridgette High goddess
Nikki Abbreviation of Nicole
Yonina Little dove
Chante To sing
Adela Justice
Kyla Lovely
Abeer Fragrance
Natalia Birthday
Blerung Blessing
Alice Noble
Brittany Land of the Britons
Alexandra Defender Of Mankind
Annette Grace; favor
Blerung Blessing
Oihane From the forest
Dorene Blonde
Cacey Vigilant
Aubery Rules with elf-wisdom
Clarinda Bright
Gabreilla God’s
Kristina Follower of Christ
Jenesia Newcomer
Dia Day
Cinnamon My fortune is yours
Madeline High tower
Muriel Shining sea
Findabair Mythical daughter
Calli Lark
Tate Measure of land
Zurina White
Tia Princess or Crown
Renee Reborn
Dervla True desire
Manya Bitter
Diva Divine one
Jennifer Fair one
Janina Gift from God
Colene Girl
Jianna God is Gracious
Adila Similar
Slania Health

For Male Hamsters

Names Meanings
Eri My guardian
Truett Little, honest
Mantyre Son of the carpenter
Ayaan Gift of God
Lothair Fighter
Mooney Wealthy
Rald Famous leader
Ascott Eastern cottage
Bartolo Plowman
MacFie Son of Duibhshíth
Jacques God’s Grace
Michael Who is like God
Ethan Strong, firm
Daniel God is my judge
Standish From the stony park
Christopher Bearer of Christ
Madison Son of Maud
Andrew Man, warrior
Tirell Thunder ruler
Hubert Intelligent
Aiden Little fire
Benjamin Son of the right hand
Vemados Courage of a bear
Maddock Beneficent
Choni Gracious
Morrisey Son of More
Itzcali House of Beauty
Fresco Fresh
Birkhead Lives at the birch headland
Ace Unity, One
Acton Oak Tree Settlement
Adair Noble, Exalted
Adam Mankind
Addison Son Of Adam
Ade Crown, Royal
Adish Fire
Adish Just, Wise
Adolfo Wolf
Eamon Wealthy defender
Daley Lives in the valley
Gail Rooster
Aethelmaer Noble or famous
Graden Divine one
Jake Supplanter; held by the heel
Achilles A Greek hero of the Trojan War
Ron Song
Adriel Congregation
Adonai My Lord
Afton From The Afton River
Agostino Greatly Praised

For Dwarf Hamsters

Kiki Frosty Snoopy
Peanut Crackers Fluffy
Cheeky Pickle Sandy
Cherry Pumpkin Joe
Cocoa Butter Sugar
Olive Peanut Pooh
Piglet Sniff Missy
Rupert Stuart Magic
Ginger Peppermint Rose
Petals Snowy Chubby
Peach Sweety Evelyn
Jessica Paige Amber
Brooks Campion Booth
Burnell Banning Berg
Loui Tiny Blossom
Gnat Fraction Pee Wee
Penny Pinky Popcorn
Roo Speck Straw
Jelly Belly Dab Dew
Diamond Daisy Marigold
Chalk Ladybug Little John
Dinky Puny Smally
Mini Wanky Winky
Precious Bon Bon Lin Lin
Mai Them Gem
Button Candy Dime
Droplet Sunny Pony
Atom Asterisk Nugget
Ema Neida Itsy
Boo Star Orion
Spoon Junior Digit
Key Mango Shadow
Smores Caramel Truffle
Bits Littlefoot Shorty
Slim Midge Puddles
Squeaky Tinkerbell Crumbs
Crisp Crunch Twig
Widget Fifi Nibbles
Kisses Pooji Doodle
Poodle Minute Bunny
Bugs Nipper Fizz
Issac Einstein Crisscross
Stumpy Poco Pixie

So there you have with you some funny and cute names for your cudly hamster pet. Get a printout of this page, sit down with your friends, and zero in on a great name. Have fun!