Exotic Cat Breeds That Look Very Much Like Wild Cats

The smallest feline is a masterpiece.

―Leonardo da Vinci

Canines are deserving holders of the ‘man’s finest buddy’ moniker, however cats? Cats happen to be an entire totally different ballgame. One may consider them alongside the traces of a furry, four-legged, and well-mannered roommate, reasonably than a pet.

Now, there are some among us who are pretty glad with retaining a cat as a pet companion. However there are additionally others who favor all issues unconventional, even in relation to a pet cat. In the event you occur to be in search of one, we have you an inventory of some attention-grabbing and unique cat breeds.

Their exoticness comes from the truth that these are not any abnormal cats―significantly within the seems to be division. Their resemblance to huge cats is unmistakable, and but they will simply as properly be glad to spend lengthy hours in your lap, purring contently.

Cats That Look Like Wild Cats


‘Toyger’ is a portmanteau, mixing ‘toy’ and ‘tiger’. This can be a relatively new breed, which is a cross between a striped home shorthair and a Bengal cat. The designer breed is being developed in america and is predicted to duplicate the regal seems to be of a tiger in a home cat.

In time, the Toygers’ resemblance with the large cat will turn into extra pronounced, with smaller ears and eyes, a fuller facial construction, bigger nostril, and naturally, the luxurious orange coat lined with black stripes.

This home feline won’t have a shred of tiger DNA however will share genes with the Asian Leopard cat, who shares parentage of the Bengal cat. Which, after all, brings us to the unique tiger-lookalike, the Bengal cat itself.


The Bengal breed was developed from a cross between a home cat and an Asian leopard cat. It occurs to be one of many oldest breeds recognized for its fairly unique seems to be. Their origins are a bit obscure, with some studies saying that the cross was a results of pure breeding within the wild. Documented crossbreeding of the Asian Leopard cat and the home cat started within the 1960s, and it took one other 20 years to bear a cat which might classify as a home.
Bengals are appreciated for his or her light demeanor and their distinctive markings which embody leopard-like spots or tiger stripes. As talked about above, Bengals at the moment are getting used to create Toyger, a tiger-like home cat.


One take a look at this huge fella, and the cougar involves thoughts virtually instantly―the resemblance is for all to see. The Chausie breed originated in North Africa, presumably Egypt, by crossing the Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) with the home cat. They’re medium to large-sized―just a little smaller than the Maine Coon. Chausies are short-haired, with gold or yellow eyes.
By nature, these cats are energetic and playful, totally having fun with the corporate of different cats and even canines in the event that they occur to be raised collectively. Chausies are recognized to type a really deep bond with their favourite particular person within the family.


The Ocicat is understood for its noticed coat, and for its apparent resemblance to the ocelot. Nevertheless, it has no traces of untamed cat DNA, and possesses a really social and affable temperament. The truth is, the Ocicat was bred utilizing Siamese-Abyssinian cross with silver tabby American Shorthairs. Thus, the Ocicat is totally home, and makes for a mild, but amusing companion.
Ocicats are sturdy, but of slender construct, and have some distinctive facial options which embody almond-shaped eyes, and barely angled ears with rounded suggestions. Actually, Ocicats are one of the exotic-looking home cats.


The Pixie-bobs origins are a bit shrouded in thriller―it’s believed to be the results of an American Bobcat mating with a polydactyl barn cat. What we now know is that this wild-looking feline is medium to large-sized, with a brief or lengthy coat, normally seen in a brown-spotted tabby sample. Additionally they have the signature bobtail, and will have greater than the conventional variety of toes on account of polydactylism. They’ve a peaceful and relaxed demeanor, however will also be very chatty after they wish to.


The Savannah is a comparatively new breed, obtained by first crossing African Servals with home cats. Their offspring had been finally bred with different home breeds like Egyptian Maus, Oriental Shorthairs, and Ocicats. Savannahs are recognized for his or her lengthy, pointed ears that sit on prime of the top, the longish neck, and a brief, thick tail. Their coat may be stable dark-brown to black, with spots that may be spherical, oval, or elongated.

Black Savannahs are stable black however might have faint spots, seen beneath the black colour. These cats are very energetic and agile by nature and like to play with retrieving toys. They continuously search human interplay, which signifies that they can’t be left alone for lengthy hours. This breed is unquestionably not for these in search of a quiet and docile companion.



The Mokave Jag is one critically enormous feline, bearing an uncanny resemblance to probably the most elusive huge cat, the jaguar. The Mokave Jag is the results of selective breeding of the Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Jungle Cat, and Asian Leopard Cat hybrids. The aggressive traits of those wild creatures have been effectively outcrossed by selective breeding, and the Mokave Jag is a really affectionate and clever home cat.
Its appears to be like may be deceiving, although, with the unique markings on the coat, the lynx-like lengthy ear tufts, and the bobtail.