Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets

Benefit of coconut oil for pets
The well being advantages of coconut oil on your pet are loads – whether or not your pet is a canine or a cat. Making use of it externally or feed it may possibly flip your canine’s coat from uninteresting to shiny. This blog publish has listed out a couple of advantages of coconut oil for pets.
Did You Know?

Though helpful to canine, coconut oil shouldn’t be fed in extra as it may possibly trigger diarrhea and result in digestion issues.

We, as pet homeowners, usually go to nice lengths to care for our pets. Be it shopping for costly grooming merchandise, going to the vet ceaselessly, or unfailingly following feeding tips for our pet, we do no matter it takes to maintain our animal companions wholesome. Nevertheless, do you know that coconut oil, that’s simply out there and inexpensive, can contribute immensely in sustaining your pet’s well being.

Coconut oil has lengthy been popularly utilized by people for its excessive medicinal worth. Derived from contemporary coconut meat, the virgin coconut oil (VCO), is commonly thought to be ‘mom of all oils’ as it’s discovered to be a very good supply of important vitamins. When integrated in your pet’s life-style, coconut oil can provide the next well being advantages on your furry pals.

How is Coconut Oil Helpful To Your Pet?


Quite a few research have proven that lauric acid―an vital constituent of coconut oil―has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Feeding coconut oil to your pet can strengthen its immune system, in flip defending your pet towards a variety of infections.

Promotes Healthy Coat of Pets

Is your pet having irritated, itchy, flaky, dry pores and skin? Fret not! Giving coconut oil internally or making use of it externally may help enhance your pet’s pores and skin well being. For a smoother, more healthy pores and skin and coat, many favor to therapeutic massage their pet with coconut oil. It additionally supplies an effective way to pamper your pet, however extra importantly, it may possibly go away the pores and skin and coat clear, renewed, and glossy.

coconut oil for pets

Work from head to toe, and therapeutic massage it till the oil will get fully absorbed into the pores and skin. Simply 5-10 minutes of standard therapeutic massage is a simple dwelling treatment to maintain your pet’s pores and skin wholesome.

After topical utility of coconut oil, pet homeowners usually give a fast bathtub to their pet. This can be crucial since pets are inclined to lick their pores and skin constantly after a shower. Furthermore, your pet, after a therapeutic massage, is prone to create a mosaic of oil stains on the surfaces it is available in contact with. So, after an intensive therapeutic massage, bathing your pet with a small quantity of shampoo is advisable.

Nevertheless, in case you’re feeling that your pet isn’t comfy with exterior utility of coconut oil, simply stick with inside utilization solely. This too may help in conserving the pores and skin comfortable and sustaining a lustrous coat.

Coconut Oil is an Insect Repellent

On the lookout for a simple solution to defend your pet from unfriendly companions (learn ticks and fleas)? Nicely, so simple as an exterior utility of coconut oil in your furry pal’s coat might be useful to stop these bugs from troubling your pet. It is because coconut oil acts as a pure repellent for these bugs.

In actual fact, coconut oil utility can truly pack these undesirable critters to hell. The excessive fats content material in coconut oil is claimed to intrude with their respiratory course of and trigger suffocation. So use of coconut oil could assist to eliminate tick, fleas, and mange infestation in canine.

Speeds Up Wound Healing

Lauric acid, the lively ingredient in coconut oil, is well-known for its antimicrobial exercise. So coconut oil acts like an antiseptic; therefore, might be useful to deal with wounds in canine. Its germ-fighting, disinfectant properties may help heal wounds in a brief period.

Good for Digestion

Coconut oil with its antimicrobial exercise might be useful to eliminate viruses, fungi, and even parasites which can be usually answerable for inflicting digestive issues in canine. So feeding coconut oil may help maintain your pet’s digestive tract functioning easily.

Improves Bone Well being

Coconut oil helps facilitate absorption of calcium and magnesium, the minerals that play a significant function in constructing robust bones. Coconut oil additionally shows antioxidant properties; therefore, giving it could defend your pet’s bone well being from oxidative stress.

Promotes Dental Health of Pets

Dental care with coconut oil can work wonders to maintain your pet’s enamel and gums wholesome. Additionally, you’re unlikely to face any issue brushing its enamel with coconut oil, as pets love the style of coconut oil. Its common use may help take away stains, plaque, and clear the enamel completely.


The dosage will range between animals. Typically, puppies and small-sized canine are given half a teaspoon each day, whereas medium- to large-sized canine are given 1 to 2 teaspoon of coconut oil each day. For cats, often a teaspoon is advisable every day. Simply combine the required quantity in any of your pet’s meals each day to reap its advantages.


Since coconut oil is excessive in saturated fat, keep away from overfeeding as it may possibly result in pet weight problems. Feeding greater than prescribed can enhance blood lipid (ldl cholesterol, triglycerides) ranges, thereby rising the danger of coronary heart illnesses. So, its inside dosage must be given as instructed by your vet. Additionally, every time shopping for coconut oil on your pet, ensure that it licensed natural, virgin oil as it’s minimally processed.