10 Cat Breeds That Love To Play With Water And Dance in the Rain

However first, why do cats hate water a lot?
It is speculated that cats don’t like the sensation of their fur being waterlogged―it could possibly be as a result of it weighs them down. The highest layer of a cat’s coat is water-resistant to a sure diploma, however once it seeps down, the cat often begins to protest. Additionally, cats happen to be fastidious cleaners by nature, giving themselves a radical bathtub utilizing their tongue. As mysterious as they’re, we are able to merely speculate, and never precisely decide the rationale behind a cat’s abhorrence in direction of the water.

All mentioned and finished, there’s an exception to each rule―the rule right here being that ‘cats hate water’. Properly, clearly not all of them do, and there are quite a number of felines who merrily get pleasure from a splash in a bathtub of heat water, no matter the breed they could belong to.

Cat Breeds That Love To Play With Water

Home cats have historically been protected pets―not like canines, they have been encouraged to spend most of their time indoors, with the purpose of conserving the family rodent-free. Historically, people most well-liked taking their canines out on searching journeys, purposefully utilizing them to retrieve their kill even from lakes and ponds. That being mentioned, sure felines native to hotter areas of the world didn’t hesitate in taking an occasional dip to chill off because the mercury soared.

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Cat Breeds That Really Like Water

Earlier than we begin to profile these water-loving felines, do not forget that every cat is completely different, and should always show habits that’s opposite to the breed she belongs to. Thus, in case your cat loves his bathtub time, and you may’t discover his breed in right here, fret not―he nonetheless is a singular, water-loving feline.

Maine Coon mother and father are positive to vouch for his or her beloved pet’s utter fascination with water. These gigantic felines have had a historical past of kinds with the ocean, being native to New England.

It is stated that Maine Coons have been indispensable on ships―they did a superb job of conserving them rodent-free. Additionally, they have been recognized to be quite the water infants with their shaggy, mackintosh serving to them to remain afloat whereas paddling in shallow waters searching for fish.

maine coon cat
Even as we speak, most Maine Coons like to play in water―ask the house owners who at all times should preserve their rest room lid right down to preserve their cat from exhibiting some traditional dog-like habits.


The Bengal is one amazing breed, and we’re not simply speaking about his gorgeous appears to be like or his affable temperament.

Bengals are recognized for his or her love of water, and there are fairly a number of amongst them who even get pleasure from splashing about in a bathtub of heat water, together with some toys.

Bengal mother and father typically share loopy anecdotes of how their pet loves to barge in whereas they’re showering, fairly having fun with the sprinkling water falling on their physique.

bengal cat
Manx cats are native to the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Nice Britain. Being island dwellers, these felines are not any strangers to water, as is kind of evident from their antics. Identical to the Maine Coons, Manx cats have historically been ship arms, and have by no means actually displayed an aversion to water.
Manx cat
Their intelligence and cheerful disposition additionally make them fantastic home cats―that’s till they figure out the right way to open the taps. They do seem to have a factor for operating water, these cheeky fellas.

Abys are adorable-looking darlings and rely among the many most affectionate cat breeds. They’re keen on cuddling and could be very demonstrative with their affection―till they hear the sound of water.

All cats, by nature, tend to be curious, however the Abyssinian takes this to an entire new degree so far as water is anxious. He will paddle his paws in his water bowl, and play for hours on finish in the event you give him a consuming water fountain.

Abyssinian cat

These very distinct breeds possess a widely-known affinity in direction of water.

The Japanese Bobtail is an island breed, and by no means hesitates to paddle his paws in an aquarium or a shallow pond, notably on the lookout for his subsequent meal.

The American bobtail, pictured right here, can also be fond of dunking his toys within the water bowl as and when he needs. In case of both breeds, their coats are water resistant to some extent, so taking part in in water always looks like an gratifying exercise.

American Bobtail cat



The Savannah has a little bit of serval in his ancestry, which makes her a really playful, energetic, and mischievous cat.

If this has obtained you apprehensive, then please do not, as a result of the Savannah is not wild within the remotest sense, however her adventurous nature does make her a bit exhausting to deal with.

These cats are very keen on taking part in with water, and plenty of Savannah house owners say that getting a consuming water fountain was the most effective reward they may give their cat.

Savannah cat

Legend tells us that the Turkish Van cat swam ashore from Noah’s Ark after it got here to relaxation on Mt. Ararat. In actuality, the breed originated within the space round Lave Van in Turkey, additionally lending its title to the breed.

These cats have been recognized to take a dip within the lake to flee the warmth throughout the summer season months, and retain their love for swimming. Their single-layered coat is water-resistant to an incredible diploma.

Turkish van cat

The Turkish Angora is to not be confused with the Turkish Van―it truly is a separate breed, originating within the Ankara area.

However the similarity is that each these cats like to hunt fish in shallow ponds and swimming pools, and should not afraid of swimming both.

Your Turkish Angora can be more than willing to take a dip within the youngsters’s pool to chill off in the summertime. If you don’t have one, even a bath will suffice.

Turkish Angora cat

Identified for his or her superior searching and fishing abilities, the royal-looking Norwegian Forest cats like to take a dip within the water.

Their luxurious coat is thick and water-resistant, insulating them from the chilly climes of their native Norway. Plus, it additionally helps them to retain physique warmth in the event that they decide to go for a swim or if they simply feel like fishing.

Norwegian Forest cat

So that you see, not all cats are water-weary; actually, in case you occur to come across a member of any breed talked about right here, do not be stunned to see him having a gala time within the bathe. Water-loving cats could also be considerably of a rarity, however they don’t seem to be that tough to search out.

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